These people and projects are making the world a brut-er place. Heavy seas of love and gratitude.

Did you know? You can actually be friends with people who are beautiful, smart, talented and look good in Le Corbusier buildings. Yes, I happen to be that lucky. <3

As Zuzka and Jan say best themselves: don’t even look if you’re hungry. A wonderful case of people following their passion despite peers knocking on foreheads. And successfully - because yes, Czech cuisine actually CAN be something worth traveling for.

Happened in high school: 1) Klara started to build a fashion brand on her own.

2) Met Jakub, who can - among other things - take congenial photos of the aforementioned.

3) They’ve been a couple ever since.

4) I was lucky to be there as well and now enjoy the benefits of their friendship, such as huge skirts from improbable fabrics, tasty dinners and beautiful pictures of me looking like an architect. On this very website, yes.

Jan makes a lot of things: about 385 % of them at the same time and with 830 % enthusiasm. His home city of Tabor as well as natural wine scene is extremely beneficiary of this; so is Druzstvo, the natural wine pop-up we run together.

When I grow up, I’d like to understand wine as much as Honza does. Till then, I share a natural wine pop-up with him, which is almost as good. (Actually, better.)

Quickest way to fall in love with (peated) whisky? Ask owner of this Czech Ardbeg Embassy. The scent of sea water, burning hospital and seagull armpit will never leave you.

From emptiness to (concrete) infinity.

I missed a plane because of lunch at one of his places. (Can’t leave without a dessert, right? Even when it comes with a 170 GBP extra-cost. ) His creations are just an artwork of textures, flavours, colours, especially speaking about vegetables. Incredibly inspiring business concept, too.