Concrete. Seas. Overseas.

This is a love letter.

To brutalist buildings, cemeteries and crematoriums, Le Corbusier’s modernist villas. To worn-down factories, present-day sanctuaries, derelict hotels. To techno clubs, contemporary art museums and photography centers. To hidden courtyards, solar rooftops and shady undergrounds. To all places busy and quiet.

And it’s also a toast: to natural wine and its wonderful (sense of) community. To speakeasy cocktail bars, geeky whisky places and third wave coffee parlors. To restaurants hors norme, from the wonderfully trashy ones to award winners. To all who don't do things half-heartedly; mediocrity sucks.

Solids & liquids, death & life, art & craft. Brut & Brut. Raw surfaces intertwined with polished hedonism.

Join me in this wanderlust quest for beauty and kindness, in all its honest forms.

paris 15e.JPG


One can yo-yo from the despair of public transport peak hours to the “Paris at its most beautiful” in almost a heartbeat. I learnt where to look for the latter.


New York

Brief encounter. Love at first sight. Much remains to be seen. This I’ve seen already and enjoyed tremendously. Thought you might too.


Tired of Van Gogh queues, ubiquitous Rembrandt souvenirs and Red Lantern District's disgusting objectification? I so understand you.