J’habite la rue du Départ.

Do you know that unique feeling of lightness while waiting in the airport gate? That gulp of fresh air and liberty (almost overwhelming at first) when strolling through a high-vaulted hall of a railway station, getting ready to set your foot off? The urge to leap through the terminal like Christopher Walken in that old Fatboy Slim music video? Gets me every time. I’m a departure junkie.

I’m also one of the 6 natural wine geeks behind the Druzstvo pop-up up. An ad hoc event born out of friendship and shared passion (for high quality alcohol, electronic music and good company) that has actually been running for almost 3 years already. And took us to some of the destinations I cover here. (And even to Brno.)

I’m also a seasoned freelance professional with more than 12 years of experience in marketing, sales, content creation and event production. (I know, it sounds like quite vast territory. It is. But I’m a curious and passionate human being.)

I’m also an author, writing features on wine, food and architecture for Ambiente, Apetit magazine, Forbes and other lifestyle media. Oh and there’s a book in making. About architecture. Co-authored by one of my best friends and published by 2 sweet people from Barcelona. GOAT.

I’m not - surprise? - an architect.

Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure I’ll build a tomb one day. In the meantime, I use my wanderlust to indulge in as much raw concrete and funeral architecture as I can. Feel free to follow.